Success Means Keeping Your Eyes On The Prize


Why do some people succeed, and others fail miserably?

Why do some leaders get derailed (mostly due to self-inflicted behaviors) and others succeed over the most impossible odds against them?

Why do Olympic archers hit bulls-eyes with remarkable accuracy?

Why do servers never spill a drop of your beverage as they move quickly across the restaurant?

And finally, why do so few overcome adversity, while others are overcome by adversity?

The simple answer, is they keep there eyes on the prize.

Seriously from any cliche, those that succeed don’t waver from the goal set before them. They know what lies ahead, forget what lies behind, and set aside those things that easily encumber them on their road to finishing their race well. They are goal oriented, instead of circumstance oriented.

It’s not enough to know the steps to succeed, the processes, the mindset, and even the jargon. It’s essential that you only keep focused on what really matters, what has long-lasting positive impact, and is profitable, not merely monetarily but in the impact it means for others around you as well.

Those that fail to succeed simply have taken their eyes off the ball. They did not keep the finish line ahead of them and real enough to run their race well. They allowed the pain of running and the easy way off the course to shipwreck their race.

But the great news is that if you’ve been one of those who has allowed your circumstances to pick you off course, you can start afresh … today.

Write down your goals, marinate your thinking in what is good, true, and profitable, and enjoy the hard fought journey towards that calling or goal that satisfies.

Never, ever, ever take your eyes off the prize. It’s hard work that pays huge dividends.

(image: wikimediacommons)

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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