Guidelines To Build A Working Team


I was originally going to title this post “Guidelines to Build a WINNING Team”, but in order to have a winning team, one must build a WORKING team first.

Why? Because winning teams can only win when they first work well together.

What is a working team?

It’s a group of individuals banded together for a common purpose, using each person’s collective talents to accomplish the vision.

It’s not enough to bring aboard the best skill level. Many music groups have imploded because their talent wasn’t enough to keep them together. That best young engineer candidate with an already impressive resume may be the most toxic person you bring onto your team. Chik-Fil-A has succeeded in hiring for behavior and character knowing that that fit will allow the necessary skills to be built upon.

Having a great staff alone won’t make a team work. Many companies had great employees but the leadership had their own agenda or poorly ran the organization into the ground. Wang Laboratories is an example of great talent but poor leadership that rendered them obsolete.

Bringing together a great leader and talented people doesn’t necessary make a team work either. Having a common vision, culture, and goals that everyone can buy into and rally around is a necessary component of giving a team purpose for their work.  Mark Cuban and Henry Ford are two great examples of leaders who had great talent but failed a few times before they found a great vision for their eventual successful ventures.

Having a goal and defined vision alone won’t make a working team. If all the above ingredients are present, but the organization does not have a working business model, blueprint, or game plan, then the best efforts are no more than parts of a plane that aren’t pieced together in the proper fashion to attain thrust and lift. Over 60% of the people who own open a restaurant for the first time fail within 3 years, mostly due to not having a proper business model. They hire great chefs and talented servers only to miss their market and get in over their heads financially.

Working teams are teams that know how to get the right talent, proper leadership, clear vision, and successful plan together in a way that will accomplish the goals ahead of them.

Focus on building a working team. Once in place, then it will find it’s way to be a winning team.

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