When Success Begets Hatred


There is a disturbing culture towards success that seems to be accelerating.

It was not long ago that the majority of success was lauded and looked at with inspiration and a certain level of respect and awe.

Now, more than ever before, success is met with negativity, suspicion, and jealousy.

We have tolerated a global mindset of success not being fair. Instead of allowing legitimate success of hard working people and organizations to inspire us, our world has become a crab colony culture – not willing for another to get to the top of the crate but would rather bring that lone crab down into the masses below.

Instead of celebrating true success, lies are generated and propogated, reputations are permananetly damaged, and other’s accomplishments and work are marginalized.

Why? Because others are not willing to raise their game. They want the easy way out, even willing to compromise their own standards to bring another down and edify themselves. Success points out the shortcomings of those that will not do what it takes, and those achievements hold others accountable for their unwillingness to work harder.

Those that accomplish a great goal are many times reduced to an aberration. And those that have attained sustained success over a period of many years usually find themselves the target of unjust scrutiny that something foul must be at the root of their achievements.

Does this truly happen, you say?

  • Consider those school, collegiate, and professional sports leagues that restructure rules to penalize successful teams and programs to level the playing field and achieve parity.
  • There are businesses, unions, and lobbyists who want regulation to strangle successful companies who succeed legitimately.
  • Big megachurches that water down the truth to generate large crowds and scrutinize more faithful assemblies that don’t compromise their message.
  • Many national and local government officials that follow the law but are excoriated for not crossing the aisle

I myself have been targeted for having a successful team and met with animosity for “showing others up”.

We need to have a reminder of what true success is: hard work, achieving goals, staying true to your values, being uncompromising when pressure is on, and giving people hope in something better. It’s not easy, requires sacrifice, and is the grand design of everyone; not guaranteed, but available for those who will not make excuses and run towards it. It’s a vision that propels and inspires others that they too can achieve those same dreams and benefits in a constructive manner.

We need to hearken back to a respect and strive towards a more positive attitude towards success. If not, we’ll fall more prone to tearing down others rather than celebrating their honest hard work. Just because some people are successful does not mean that there is anything going on.

Sometimes greatness just is …

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