Challenge Your Leadership Behavior In 2017


Your goals are set for this New Year.

Your plans are mapped out and being implemented.

All your action steps are outlined and you are ready to proceed.

But none of that makes a difference in you don’t change behaviors as well.

Changing WHAT we do can yield some cursory results, but it’s changing HOW we do it, namely our behaviors, that will deliver profound, sustainable, and lasting results each year and beyond.

Think of the ways these behavior changes will challenge your leadership this year:

  • Remove every limiting thought that prevents you from growing
  • Read everything you can, even of dissenting opinion
  • Stand firm to truth and don’t compromise and water down your values
  • Change your approach to planning
  • Listen, truly listen, to everything presented to you
  • Be willing to change your leadership model
  • Be willing to change your business model
  • Put your own goals aside and focus solely on other people’s goals
  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier and go to sleep 30 minutes later – use this time to plan and read
  • Eliminate time-wasters in your day
  • Make use of white space in your schedule
  • Plan time to, well, plan
  • Look at “AND” cases, not just “Either-Or”
  • Gamify your performance by rewarding accomplishments
  • Be more willing to serve in your circumstances

Actions are only as effective as the behaviors that drive them. By changing your behaviors that come through a change in mindset, you will accomplish more lasting success in the months ahead.

Challenge your leadership and change your behaviors by getting out of your comfort zone.

(image: flickr)

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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