How To Grow By Taking On The Hard Challenges



I am currently reading a book that is a slow and arduous read for me.

It’s from one of my favorite authors and part of a series he wrote. The book has been a challenge for me to comprehend and digest without concentrated effort. The difficulty is  not the vocabulary or content, but the means in which the author describes events that require deliberate thinking and focus. It’s not a book to merely skim through or read for pure pleasure – it reveals in a narrative our own true nature and the struggles we have in this world.

I have a couple of times thought of shelving it in favor of a more easy read, and this is where I stop short and catch myself. If I am to grow in my reading, my leadership, and myself, then I would do well to challenge myself to get the most out of this book and work through it.

My struggle has lent these questions to us all:

How many times have we abandoned a task or goal because it required effort? How have we shortchanged ourselves by not taking on the hard challenges in life?

In looking back on the closing year, where could we have worked harder, tackled difficulties head-on, or built a more steely resolve to grow and learn? Where did we abandon our goals for the sake of comfort, less stress, or easy “low hanging fruit”?

  • We can exercise 10 minutes a day to get fit, or 20 minutes to get past the burn factor and make more of an impact in our bodies.
  • We can spend 10 more minutes each morning in goal setting, reflection, prayer, and planning instead of sleeping in for those minutes.
  • We can approach that person you avoid in order to work out differences and build a better working relationship.
  • We can do the thing we fear the most to build incredible momentum and accomplishment in our lives.

As we review these times and look forward to the New Year, let’s use the lesson from my reading and determine to tackle the harder challenges in our lives in order to grow far beyond those token goals that make us feel good but profit us very little.

Challenge yourself today and this year by taking on the harder challenges in your personal and professional life.

Best in 2017 to you all!!

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  1. I respect your outlook on life here. Facing challenges and overcoming them! Heres a few more fun challenges for you to try <a href="Fun Challenges“>


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