Your Favorite Posts of 2016


I want to wrap up 2016 by thanking you all for your support and interaction.  It’s readers and leaders like yourself that pull us together and help us encourage and equip each other to create the proper leadership influence our world needs.

Some posts have resonated with a few, other posts with many of you. Here are the posts you liked the most this past year, including 2 of your favorites over at Lead Change Group. If you’ve missed them, here is your opportunity to see them. If you caught them the first time, please feel free to read again.

Articles picked up by Smart Brief On Leadership:

Leading In A Broken System – what should our response be as leaders when systems and policies don’t work so well?

Staying Motivated While Teaching Your Bosses – a reader of mine asked what she should do (and what her attitude should be) when asked to train her supervisor who didn’t know their job.

How The Chicago Cubs Became A Winning Organization Again – a perennial losing organization turned its fortunes around by implementing the following leadership principles.

How The Filet-o-Fish Can Teach Leaders To Truly Listen – too many times poor leaders don’t listen to their people. Here is an example from McDonald’s and how a franchisee showed the burgeoning corporation a long lasting and profitable idea.

Cures For An Unhealthy Sick Day Policy – does your sick day policy get abused, or force people to show for work and affect (infect) others?


Other Popular Posts:

The 3M Approach To Meetings – your most consistently favorite post of the year. While 3M does a great job in creating meaningful meetings, the best 3M advcie is this: “Make Meetings Matter”.

Avoiding The Dangers Of “Go Fever” – don’t have time to plan or review? The consequences could be disastrous, just like the Challenger explosion of the 1980s.


Posts from Lead Change Group:

A 30-60-90 Day Plan For New Leaders – first year and first 100-day plans are behind us. New and newly appointed leaders need to build change in 30 day increments over the first 3 months.

Passive Employees Are Your Key To Success – using the NPS metric to gauge employee alignment, the employees in the middle can be your biggest asset. (With a caution not to label your people but to identify those we overlook).


Thank you for your support and look forward to what next year brings for you all! Happy 2017!!

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