How Far Is Your Leadership Reach?


Whenever you set out to become a leader, you may never truly know how far your impact will reach or be felt.

One of the most satisfying and thrilling aspects of leadership is finding out how much you will positively affect others. As a leader, you will be under the careful watch of others, regardless of whether you know it or not. Others will look up to you, learning form you, and studying you. They will look to you for inspiration and for guidance. And if you’re remotely consistent, you will ripple a profound impact that will reach far beyond your wildest dreams.

If this a little too light in leadership application, consider for a moment those who have impacted you and given a footprint in shaping your influence to others. They may be parents, pastors, teachers, or bosses. Police, doctors, or karate instructors. Or volunteers, local business people, or just someone who had a hand in shaping your to become a better leader.

They may not even be people we know personally. It may be a great-grandparent whose stories you were told as a child inspired you. Or an influential person in your country’s history. A scientist from the Industrial Revolution, or a contemporary from our current Digital Age.

In any of these instances, their character and positive role model have helped shaped you, and they may not even know about it. Their integrity and consistency in their values inspired you to grow and become the leader you are. And with that in mind, it’s time to consider your leadership reach as well.

Think about what you’re doing day in and day out to set that same example of inspiration for others. They may be people you know, people that hear of you, or people who know you from another generation or generation yet to be born whose worlds are ready to benefit by the influence you create today. If you were to shrink away, where would those people, those future leaders, get their inspiration? And how would they impact those in subsequent times after them?

The world is profoundly impacted by your leadership reach. Do you realize it? If so, make it matter in as many people’s lives as possible.

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About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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