Signs You Need To Step UP In Your Organization


When I talk with people from various industries, many struggle with the same question:

Where are the good people? Where can we find qualified help?

This question seems to be the most pressing in today’s organizations. And yet I see the simple answer, which lies with each and every person in the organization. The qualified help in question, more often than not, lies in the people within the organization.

These places have people who are either employed or volunteer for them. So if the question with a relatively full staff is where is the qualified help, the question must start as:

Why isn’t the current help qualified?

I have always been a huge proponent of finding talent under your nose, and this premise holds true with this question. There are scores of organization that have no shortage of talent, but more of a shortage of willing participants. Here are some examples of everyday situations of individuals who aren’t stepping up:

  • Workers who complain about management but cause problems themselves
  • People who see community needs and expect the next person to address them
  • Managers who avoid problems that don’t impact their cushy workload
  • Business customers who make demands that tax their vendors or providers
  • Citizens who choose not to vote but make protests that accomplish nothing
  • Church members that see and know of ministry needs but don’t volunteer
  • Individuals who are content with making a paycheck but not helping their company grow
  • Employees who complain when the power to solve the problem is in their own ability

The majority of key talent that can transform an organization lies in its members, including yourself. So take a moment and ask yourself, what value are you giving to your organization? How have you been helping out where you find yourself? Are you complacent to take what you get without giving any more?

So many times people defer the work needed to the next person that eventually no one helps out and the organization ceases to grow, then shrinks, and eventually disappears.

Imagine the impact a small team could make if just a couple of people would step up and do a little more to support the organization. Or a company. A church. A town meeting. Or a nation.

If you see ways things can be better where you are, in your work or your community, that’s a sign of need that you can provide. The only way to meet that need is to step up and be that catalyst.

If you consider yourself a leader, or committed to the cause, there is no other way. The spectators don’t get the trophy and the critics don’t get the applause. Only those in the trenches get to claim the satisfaction of a goal accomplished when they step up for the cause.

Can you step UP today and make a better impact for your world? Imagine what would happen if you did!!

(image: wikimediacommons)

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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