6 Ways You Can Still Attain Your 2016 Goals

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Do you remember those goals you made about a year ago for 2016?

You know, the ones you still haven’t attained … and it’s November.

If looking at your unrealized goals discourages you, there is still time and ways to end the year on a high note and with a sense of accomplishment. Here are 6 strategies that you can implement to accomplish certain goals and feel good about this year:

  • Prioritize the biggest impact goal. Review your goals and find the one that you can accomplish that has the biggest impact. Then attack it with everything you’ve got. When you’ve hit that goal, you’ll have a great sense of achievement because you’ve tackled the biggest rock on your list.
  • Target the most realistic goal within the remaining weeks. Another approach is to identify the goal that you can successfully meet within the last few weeks of the year. One that won’t be a rush job in those weeks, but will allow you to attain fully and with a high degree of success even with personal and professional end-of-year activities. This will set up a degree of achievement and will have you feel good as those weeks come and go.
  • Pick an easy goal for a quick victory and confidence boost. Sometimes, you just need to get a win under your belt. find the best and most attainable objective and go for it. Don’t worry if it seems too small or insignificant, the rationale here is to get moving successfully forward. Once you feel good about yourself, you may be able to get 1 or 2 more accomplished as well.
  • Accomplish a sub-goal from a larger one. Sometimes a goal is just to daunting or large. If you break a goal down into it’s steps and find a way to accomplish a sub-goal, it will help you inch closer to the larger goal and still feel like you’ve moved the needle.
  • Find a goal that builds momentum for next year. This can be achieved two ways. The first was the sub-goal approach above. The second way is to identify a goal that will help you develop better habits, culture, or set the stage for the next year. Don’t discount building momentum, it may enable you to have a far more successful year coming up.
  • Fold a goal into your remaining year plans. Maybe a goal by itself seems like too much, but when incorporated into what you have going on currently you find you can make it happen. Get a goal aligned with current objectives and find a way to meet it on the way.

There is still time to make your goals. With some smart and strategic planning, you can make this year work for you and catapult your success to carry over into 2017.

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