Thoughts To Jumpstart Your Thinking


A leader’s biggest challenge is not market conditions or competition, regulation or catastrophic events.

More often than not a leader’s biggest obstacle lies in their way of thinking. Many entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders get stuck in the same way of thought that over time can limit them from being effective and keeping up with a changing world.

Limited thinking is not – “limited” – just to those who’ve been in business for some time. Young entrepreneurs can easily get into thought ruts or have outmoded predispositions that can hold a company back or prevent the organization from staying relevant. here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you need to change up the way you think towards your business:

  • Am I truly seeing the big picture of my business?
  • Why isn’t my business model working like it did 15-20 years ago? (or even 5-10)
  • Do I truly understand the changes in the marketplace, industry, and global economy?
  • Am I in touch with my people? Do I really know their needs in the workplace?
  • Do I limit my understanding to a narrow view?
  • Am I resistant to outside input, suggestions, and advice?
  • Am I all that I can truly be as an employer, leader, owner?

What every leader needs from time to time is a way to jumpstart their thinking and get their minds moving into new modes of thought. Here are some key simple and key strategies to get your thoughts moving in a more forward direction:

  • Ask people you respect for their input (and accept their answer)
  • Take few days out of the business and visit other successful companies and leaders for input and learning
  • Attend a conference or webinar
  • Have a roundtable session with your entire staff
  • Take a vacation and disengage 100% from the business – refresh your brain
  • Read a new book on today’s business trends
  • Spend a week at the front line of your company and see things from a truly different perspective
  • Have a customer mastermind from a variety of your clientele

Staying relevant as a leader means you need to keep your thinking relevant and sharp. This may mean you have to think outside of yourself; in other words, put yourself aside and out of the equation for a bit. As people we tend to be in our own way and the great leaders are those who can remove self and look at other people’s perspectives to gain a better understanding of what direction to take.

Jumpstarting your thinking is a great way to rebrand, refresh, and recharge your approach to your vision and goals. It does not mean to abandon your sense of ethics and core values; instead it means to find more effective ways to realize them. Take the time to hit the “stop” button on your current mindset and allowing new ways of thinking to have room to germinate.

(image: pixaby)

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