Demolish Barriers So Your People Can Succeed


One of the core tenets in leadership is to allow innovation, growth, and talent to flourish in your people. The best way to do that as a leader is to continually seek out barriers that prevent your people from performing at their peak.

We have all heard that a great leader knows their people – their strengths and weaknesses, desires and goals. But even more than that, a great leader knows what their people have to work with, through, around, and against. Many times that comes from internal variables within the employee – confidence, vision, belief, unknown talent or skills. And at other times those barriers come from external forces – policy, training barriers, physical barriers, technical issues, and so on. Even culture can play a major role in being a barrier to employee growth and performance.

As a leader, you need to understand your business and your people so well that you identify and demolish each and every barrier that inhibits your employees from getting the job done. This may involve:

  • Focused and extra training
  • Moving desks, machines, and other equipment around to foster workflow or communication
  • Overcoming geography for remote or field workers
  • Deep-diving into tech issues or systems that employees must shortcut in order to operate around
  • Overhauling culture to enable innovation, teamwork, and positive and consistent accountability among everyone in the organization
  • Having a 1-to-1 temperature check with the person to ensure culture alignment, job understanding, and willingness to perform to the goal
  • Reviewing wage and benefit assignments, jobs descriptions, and other HR speed bumps
  • Digging in and promoting the vision and core values and keeping them at the forefront at all times

Each company and each employee will yield differing barriers. In fact, an organization with 100 employees can theoretically have 100 different barriers due to each individuals interaction with the variables at play. This takes work and concerted effort, but is a necessary charge for the leaders to ensure their teams operate smoothly and efficiently.

Demolish the barriers that stifle your people. Create a freeway that allows them to speed up their growth and impact in your organization.

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My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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