Leaders – Be Known By A Good Name


A dear close friend of mine passed away suddenly a couple of weeks ago.

While many of us recover from the loss of a good husband, father, and friend, I reflect and consider the legacy he has left behind for those of us who are leaders in any capacity.

Dave was a retired firefighter, having reach leadership ranks within his company. He had also served in the Air Force in his early adult years, and was known in the community for serving through various emergency services and security detail. He also coordinated the security and emergency training for our church. Through his service Dave taught us the most important thing a leader can leave to others – a good name.

Here are some lessons we can all learn in leaving a good name as an example for others:

  • It is not simply enough to leave an appearance of a good persona – Arnold Palmer may have appeared friendly and trustworthy, but possessed a hidden rage to prove himself and marginalize others.
  • Be known for WHO you are more than WHAT you do – your work will cease at some point but your reputation lasts forever.
  • Integrity outlasts intentions – Intentions mean nothing without credibility behind the plans. Work to deliver on what you promise.
  • Relationships over results – The world is full of leaders who hurt and sacrificed the efforts of others to expedite results, such as in the case of Wells Fargo. Value people over things, and the effort of everyone to the benefit of everyone.
  • Admit mistakes – we are all imperfect and have our failings. If we are honest with ourselves and work towards forsaking destructive habits and pursuing healthy ones, people will be more forgiving as you work towards growing.
  • Be a blessing – seek ways to make a positive impact in other’s lives, and not just yours. This requires being others-aware and putting your best interests aside.
  • Look for the enjoyment in all things – Dave also showed a sly sens of humor and seeking the best in trying circumstances. Be an encourager to others and to yourself by finding the good in every trial.

The best leaders in all walks of life are not the ones who sabotaged others on the way to success. The most successful leaders are ones whose name is held in high esteem because of their impact to improve the lives of others.

“A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches”

(image: pixaby)

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My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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