Build Up Or Tear Down, The Choice Is Yours


Every leader has exactly two options when it comes to people engagement and staff development. You are either a leader who:


Builds People Up

or Tears People Down

Leaders who are constantly and consistently building their people up are the ones who are perpetually looking for that gold nugget within each employee. The seek every opportunity to train, encourage, develop, and elevate others to greater knowledge, sharper skills, and higher performance every day. They know that the overall value and success of the company comes not from the talent of the leadership team, but from the talent of everyone collectively forging ahead to achieve the common goals.

Building your people up involves everything from proper training, resource management, accolades and awards, consistent and regular pay raises, and the opportunity to have a voice in the outcome of the organization. When leadership goes above and beyond to make their people have a vision, value, and voice in the company by elevating their efforts, it creates engagement of the highest level and generates a high performance culture that will be aligned with the company’s vision.

On the other hand, leaders that tear people down accomplish little to no lasting success. Employees that feel marginalized, have not gotten raises for a period of time (even when their leadership gets bonuses), or are dressed down by a manager will never be as committed to the big picture that if they had been built up. Managers who ignore seemingly insignificant issues that are actually bigger deals to the employees – such as working restrooms, proper working machinery, and sufficient lighting in the workplace – create a depressed work environment and are telling their people that they don’t care about their concerns, and that these concerns are nothing. Staff in these circumstances do not feel valued and will eventually disengage and leave.

There are certain leaders who both build some people up and tear some people down. Their justification for this is usually linked to favoritism for the peak performers and frustration from those who are struggling. This type of leader is inconsistent and creates a division in the workplace instead of building a complete team throughout.

But the best leaders are those who work with everyone to build their people up and not get frustrated over their staff’s progress. Even when an employee must be let go for whatever reason, there is still that willingness to see them grow and succeed even during the separation process. It’s a leadership mindset that shows strong vision, deep connection, and the willingness to make their most important resource – people – have relevance and value in the organization.

If you want to be a great leader, build your people up at every instance. You will build success, strong companies, future leaders, and solid industries when you can increase the commitment to the cause in your people by following this common-sense approach to leadership.

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