Staying Motivated While Teaching Your Bosses


A reader of mine asked me this question this past week:

Q: “What if you are moved to a new job, and a choice wasn’t given. I love the job, but how do I keep motivated when I am expected to train and teach those who were my bosses for many years?”

This person poses a challenging question. When someone is involuntarily placed in a position, and also asked to train those they report to, what should be their response?

A:  “A few ideas for you to stay motivated in your situation:

1) Stay positive. You say you love your job, that’s great. Write down 5 things that make this new role terrific and post them at your desk/laptop/cubicle/etc. Remind yourself daily what you like about the job.

2) Be thankful. You are gainfully employed, and better off than many who are looking for meaningful work. Express gratitude in your physical ability to work as well.

3) Feel valued. You have the knowledge that your bosses don’t possess, so feel honored to have that responsibility. Whether you were asked to train your bosses or not, you have the knowledge and skills to help them not only know what they need to but be successful as well. Find ways to bring extra value to every teachable moment and give them more than what they expect. Over time, they may realize even more of your value which may lead to bigger and better opportunities.

4) Keep learning. Find ways in your new role to grow and learn. Become a knowledge leader and the go-to person for your specialty areas. Also, glean learning from your bosses and try to find out more of what they do. Ask questions each time. Hunger for knowledge is a desired quality these days, and keeps you motivated constantly.

5) Make things easier for everyone involved. Work with your bosses not only to show them what they need, but to find better ways to do certain procedures or tasks. Collaborate with them and ask their input, while giving yours. You may find yourself working with one of them on a new project to help fix broken systems.

6) Finally, promote your company’s culture. If you love the job, you probably love the values and culture of the company as well. Promote that culture and embody it every day. If you are aligned with what the organization is working to achieve, you will have no problem being motivated daily, even if others aren’t quite on board. Culture can be contagious, so if you find others who also align with the culture, you’ll start building a strong bond of core values within. This will not only motivate you but others as well. Hope this helps!!”

This read was appreciative of the response and I wish them well.

The best way to stay motivated in a job you love but within challenging circumstances is to consider the privileges you have to work and to have the skills the organization needs. Promote the culture and add value to everything you do. Being appreciative many times will lead to yourself being appreciated as time goes on. Keep your eyes on the big picture and how you will grow as a result.

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