Inspire Your People By Keeping Calm


If we objectively observe the world around us, it seems the pace and demands of the world are difficult to keep pace with at times.

When I talk to businesses, leaders, and even my friends they all feel stretched, frazzled, and that a sense of control they once knew is eluding them every day.

With this comes the reactionary behaviors of frustration, anger, despair, and disengagement. When people can’t see things bounce their way, these and other behaviors become enhanced and threaten your culture, morale, and productivity. Not to mention those around them that they do business with.

So what should a leader do, both for their people and within themselves to ensure order, engagement, and ultimate success?

The solution comes from a proposed World War II slogan that has gained mainstream popularity today:


At the start of WWII, Britain’s government understood that if it’s citizen’s lived in fear it would have meant an easier victory for the Axis powers when they eventually engaged Britain in attacks. In order to keep England’s culture and morale intact and to eventually overcome the inevitable threat of war on their land, three sets of posters such as this one were created to be spread all over the country and reassure their citizens.

Keeping calm is not a “head-in-the-sand” approach to problems. Keeping calm means to show inspired leadership, professionalism, and a high degree of understanding and discernment to override the challenges and not add to them. Carrying on means that everyone has a job to do, and to encourage them that if they stay on task the goal will be accomplished.

Keeping calm ensures that:

  • You look at objective ways to resolve issues
  • You don’t escalate issues beyond their realistic impact
  • You don’t embellish or lie to get a desired outcome
  • You seek first to understand all the variables at work
  • You set an example for you people on the most effective way to work and address challenges
  • You will succeed in the long-term instead of making waves in the here and now
  • You enable everyone around you to focus on the solution and growing through the challenge

Keeping calm also means that you remove yourself, your emotions, and your perceived inconveniences out of the equation for the greater good. It means sometimes standing in the face of fear or checking your anger at the door in order to create a positive culture that more effectively impacts a successful outcome for all.

Great leaders keep calm during difficult times. Our world is fast, demanding, and eludes us daily. Great leaders – calm leaders – are in demand as never before. Rise to the challenge and make your leadership solid by keeping calm and carrying on.

(image: 7-themes)

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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  1. You’re doing a great job here Paul. Forward ever.


  2. Great article Paul. Really enjoyed reading this. Keeping calm helps you gain control on yourselves and on your success. Keeping calm also helps you to stay more focused.


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