This Week’s Challenge: Praise


Have you ever been praised in front of other people?

How good did that make you feel?

How about being praised privately? Or even knowing you’ve been acknowledged by someone and learning of it from others?

I remember a conversation with a regional colleague one day. When we closed our call, he said bye and after a pause he said to the person next to him, “That Paul, he’s a good guy”. I felt great the rest of the week!

So … Here’s the question – Do you deliberately plan and seek for ways to praise your people?

Leaders know the value of praise, but how often do these very same leaders plan for ways to catch people doing something right or make it a regular part of their daily/weekly responsibilities?

Research has shown that leaders who build in methods of attention to praise their people do so more often, and more genuinely, than leaders that don’t plan for this.

This week I challenge you to legitimately and genuinely praise your people and build their confidence in their contribution and value to your organization.

  • Take some time to build someone up who is working hard but struggling.
  • Pull someone aside and let them know their efforts are appreciated.
  • High five someone on the fly when they close a sale.
  • Shout “You go girl!” when the managers monthly numbers come in favorably.
  • Let that employee and others know how great his presentation was.
  • Make the team know you’re proud of how they work and synergize together.
  • Plan to make praise happen . . . EVERY DAY.

What better employee engagement program can you invest in? The cost and risk is low, but the upside … HUGE. You just might positively change the course of someone’s career – and that’s a good thing.

Take the challenge this week. Make praise happen!

How will YOU praise others this week? Inspire us by sharing below!

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About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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