Is Yours A Dog-and-Pony Organization?


How many times have you seen or heard the following situations?

“Clean up! The inspector is here!”

“Heads up, everyone! The regional president is coming!”

If you’re familiar with these sayings, you probably envision aisles and cubicles being tidied up, plaques (and the company mission statement) being dusted off, shirts neatened up and stressed-out frowns becoming smiles in an instant.

It’s a natural reaction and tendency to want to spruce everything up when the boss, inspector, or a VIP comes around. We want to impress, and not disappoint. We want to look good to those who hold our career and livelihood in hand.

Let’s think about the ramifications of this mindset for a moment. If that extra effort to please the boss or be in the inspector’s good graces means doing your best to put on a good show, then what is actually happening is that your organization is not doing their best on the other days.

Putting on the “dog-and-pony show” for a VIP is a short-sighted performance habit. It basically says that you only hold to the standards when accountability is in reach. It shows hypocrisy, double-mindedness, and generates unnecessary stress for everyone during that time.

Here’s one way to stop the “dog-and-pony show” operation. Ask yourself “Why don’t we give our best to our customers, our people, every day of the year?”

Your company’s best efforts day in and day out, should always be geared towards the customers and clients you serve. They are the true VIP’s.

Inspectors only help enforce standards. Presidents and regional personnel, even the manager of the facility, should be there to support and ensure that the customers are the focus of the organization.

Your guests, your customers, pay for you to serve them to the best of your abilities every day. Your culture should manifest it, both in the core values as well as in practice.

Focus to work hard every day to impress the customer. When that becomes habit, then it’s second nature for when the boss comes around. Make your customer first, not the boss.



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