How To Think Differently


Do you remember Apple’s advertising campaign and slogan starting back in 1997? It was catchy, effective and led to them taking their innovation to the next level. It was, simply:

“Think Different”

This slogan served as a rallying point cry to the struggling tech company who just brought back Steve Jobs in order to regain their identity.

While the marketing campaign proved wildly successful, internally it propelled Apple to play up to what the slogan represented. They needed themselves to “think differently” and to change things up in their approach to new products and market strategy. What we see today in Apple, and the tech industry at large, 19 years later is the ripple effect of different thinking applied back then.

This serves as a great object lesson for us today. What things in our professional and personal lives are we willing to do differently to bring about the changes and success we’ve mapped out for ourselves?

To help jump-start your thinking process, here are some methods individuals and companies have used successfully to “think different and make” the necessary inroads to success:

  • Wake up early to plan and meditate on your day (Hyrum W. Smith of Franklin Covey)
  • Spend set time daily to make a call rather than text or email
  • Designate specific days for specific tasks (Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square)
  • Wear a wristwatch on alternating wrists to challenge yourself to look at things differently
  • Take a different route to work
  • Spend more time in the field or plant to realize what the business needs are (Sam Walton of Wal-Mart)
  • Focus on serving others holistically rather than just getting through the days routine (Cheryl Bachelder of Popeye’s)
  • Spend more Friday afternoons in the office to recap the day and plan the next week
  • Visit competitors and see what they do differently (Ray Kroc of McDonald’s)
  • Find a philanthropy or person with needs that you can meet without any gain to yourself or your company
  • Stop saying “we’ve always done this”
  • Create work teams with loose parameters and full ownership for innovation and product development (3M, Hewlett-Packard)
  • Study your industry and find ways to constantly improve to perfection (Tony LaRussa and Billy Beane of the Oakland A’s baseball team)
  • Disrupt your industry in new ways of communication and team meeting effectiveness (Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook)
  • Find new places to meet, plan, or lunch with colleagues and team members to break routines

Whatever you think to do differently will enable you to better meet your goals and bring a successful culture to those around you. The possibilities are endless, and may change over time as your needs change.

How will you think differently today forward? Share your insights below and inspire us to think more different ourselves!

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