What You Read in 2015


This past year was an exciting one – lots of new connections and a growing readership whom I appreciate dearly. This blog exists largely in part due to devoted people like yourself who read and support great leadership principles both here and in many other leadership sites.

Here is a look back at your favorite posts from 2015 from among the various platforms and sites I contribute to.


Lies Leaders Believe – Common errors many leaders adopt as the way to conduct themselves.

How To Give Your Leadership A LIFT – A review of my first book “Leadership LIFT – Taking Your Leadership To New Heights

9 Leadership Lessons From My Baseball Days – How my favorite sport shaped some of my leadership principles. Featured article on Zig Ziglar’s “Ziglar Vault” and the Bench Nation website.

Why Companies Can’t Land Good Talent – Where are all the best candidates? Right under our nose, we just reach out the wrong way.

Why Should Should Recognize Efforts, Not Just Results – In this results-driven age, efforts matter as much and more, and should be given their attention.

5 Sayings From Bad Leaders – Consider what these phrases mean to your teams.

How To Execute Employees Instead Of Strategy – When management erroneously criticizes staff performance instead of systems and training.


Lead Change Group:

The Most Cost Effective Way To Engage Your People – A simple “thank you” can bring priceless returns.

Opportunity – Which Flag Are You Flying? – How organizations telegraph their commitment to developing their people as an allegory to racing flags.

5 Approaches To Connecting Your People – Break your people out of their comfort zones and build deeper team dynamics.


Connection Culture:

9 Overlooked Leadership Qualities – In searching for a great leader, have you considered these skill sets? My first post for Michael Lee Stallard’s new Connection Culture site.

3 Core Reasons For Employee Disconnect – These behaviors are actually warning signs of disengagement.

Self Aware? Check. Now Be Others Aware – Why we should transition from self-awareness to balance out others’ awareness.


UPwards Leader:

7 Strategies To Help Your Team Communicate – How can leaders get everyone on the same page in their teams?

Are You Really Ready To Serve? – Why the last customer of the day should receive the same quality service as the first.

7 Reasons To Promote Your Core Values – Make what your company stands for part of your marketing and service.

What Will Be Your Leadership Footprint? – How does your impact on your world look?


I thank you all for your support and hope that 2016 will find you making greater strides in bringing meaningful leadership into your world!

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My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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