What’s Your Leadership Advantage?


Think of the best leader that you know of.

What makes them the leader that they are?

Ever leader has a talent, a gift, an advantage that makes their niche as a leader their own.

Steve Jobs of Apple, for instance, had a unique vision of technology making them a leader in both PC and personal device technology. His knack for large-scale promotion of his new products helped create a buzz that added to his reputation.

Pat Summitt, former women’s basketball coach at the University of Tennessee, drilled a standard of expected excellence into her players and kept the bar high. She not only demanded greatness but loyalty from her women, and because of her trustworthiness they willfully gave it. So much that they dreaded her legendary “icy stares” given in response to any poor performance.

Kat Cole, CEO of Cinnabon, has built a reputation of being a voracious learner and very transparent about the humble beginnings that got her into the foodservice industry to begin with. She calls herself a crazy observer of people, reaching to collaborate with others and build her people.

Here’s another leader with a unique advantage – it’s you. Whether you know it or not, there is a blend of leadership talent that you’ve been given to make a positive impact in the lives of those around you. It may be active or dormant, but it’s there, waiting for you to use it.

Here are some ways to exploit your talents to your advantage and make a great leadership footprint:

  • Promote your point of differentiation. Take your talents and find a way to use them in what you already do. Seek projects that will tap into those traits and build a reputation of success on them.
  • Do what others will not. Great leaders do what most people are unwilling to do. It will not only set you apart, but give you a standalone showcase for your unique gifts.
  • Make your skills stronger. Athletes are told to use their best pitch, their best gymnastic routine, and their best shot when the stakes are on the line. They practice there other skills but don’t neglect to make their strengths stronger. When the game is on the line, they use the skill that made them a star. You should as well.
  • Use your talent to make others better. If you are a gifted communicator, inspire your people. If you are a skilled operator, train your people to have amazing execution. Your talents are given to you not just for yourself, but to create possibilities for others to develop their leadership advantage.

You have an advantage no one else has, and a way to use it to build a distinction for who you are and what you represent. Inspire others do do the same and build a reason why other have an advantage from being in your leadership sphere.

(image: gratisography)

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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