Why You Succeeded in 2015 Even If Your Goals Fell Short


Like most people, you are probably reviewing your goals for 2015. Many times people look at their successes and use them as a springboard for higher, loftier goals the following year.

Yet how many of you look at 2015 and see unrealized goals and get a sense that you’ve failed?

If you have a sense of shortcoming from this year, now is a good time to re-frame the year and see where you’ve succeeded, even if you didn’t meet your goals.

One thing we can do to help ourselves feel a sense of accomplishment is to look at those small victories in our year. Did we stay true to ourselves even if we got picked off the path to our goals? If our character stayed intact in spite of our performance shortfall, we have fulfilled an old and wise leadership definition of character:

“Character – the process of pursing a decision of direction long after the emotion accompanying that decision goes away.”

Think about these items and how they apply to your year. By taking a long, hard look at what you’ve actually accomplished, did you:

  • Take any incremental steps – exercise a little more, read more often, plan your days more regularly?
  • Learn about yourself in a way that you started to address and work on?
  • Accomplish other items that needed attention and disrupted your goals?
  • Grow in yourself and your leadership understanding?
  • Overcome an unforeseen obstacle?
  • Write down your goals at the start of the year (most people do not)?
  • Make improvement in the betterment of the lives around you?
  • Set a standard for how leadership should be exhibited
  • Get closer to your goals than you were in January
  • Commit to a behavior pattern that over time solidified itself
  • Read, listen, plan, meditate or adopt other top leadership habits?
  • Teach at least one person how to learn and grow and start to achieve their goals?
  • Make the tough call to stay the right course even if others rejected it?
  • Keep your attitude intact when things unraveled around you?
  • Get a physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental challenge identified and on a path to resolve?

By now you can probably see these or other opportunities in which you made some progress and achieved success this year. By looking at your performance through a lens of lower criticism (looking up at the positives) we can more easily see small victories that give us hope in where we are heading.

If you have done this and still feel a sense of underachievement, you can take the last 3 weeks of this year and make a success. Look aty of your goals didn’t materialize in 2015, and take these three easy steps to accomplish them in 2016:

  1. Re-set them with renewed vigor.
  2. Scale them down to a more reasonable and attainable goal.
  3. Replace with a goal that will start you on the way to ultimately achieving this goal.

Don’t let unrealized goals take the wind out of your sails. The road to true success is a slow steady plodding of daily decisions to make the right choices, grow, and make a positive impact – even incrementally – in the world and lives around you.

Have a great 2016!!

(image: gratisograhpy)

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My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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