Two Leadership Books You MUST Read



I have read some tremendous books on leadership over the years, but very few work at the seeds of destruction in every organization – ourselves.

As part of Weaving Influence’s Team Buzz Builder, I have the privilege of getting some great leadership book to read and write about. Back in July I finished The Arbinger Institute’sThe Anatomy of Peace” – a tremendous book about transforming embittered relationships into opportunities for reconciliation, starting with how we see our world, in our own little box.


While skimming through my personal library early this fall, I came across a book I bought 3 years ago but forgot that I had – Arbinger’s “Leadership and Self-Deception“. It addressed what self-deception is, how it takes hold and sustains us, and how to objectively see ourselves and a way out of it to promote growth and achievement.

Both books accurately deal with the eternal conflict of our own internal conflicts. With two very stark  but similar narratives, Arbinger works to help us go from misunderstanding what causes conflicts to seeing what our part is based on the variables of our needs and personalities.

These books cut to the heart of what we do that creates friction among others. Based on their years of consulting and psychological training, Arbinger masterfully gets us to acknowledge our boxes we put ourselves in that taint our worldview, and then gives us practical steps to guide us out into a new way of building relationships and organizations.

Our roles in leadership are not to be taken lightly, and these resources from The Arbinger Institute will challenge you to take an objective look into yourself and how you can influence your world – for better for for worse.

I highly recommend these books, as they will teach you lessons you will carry for the rest of your career and life.


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