Thinking Questions For Today’s Leaders


As I read and observe the trends and changes in the global business climate, questions come to mind that pique my curiosity.

Have you every wondered what the trajectory of our world is, and what lies beyond the horizon? I’ve jotted down some random thought questions, in no particular order, and am curious what trends we can foresee in our future.

As you read, think of how you envision these through the lens of your experience:

  • Where is HR headed, really?
  • What does the fusion of HR look like in our downsized, digital workforce?
  • Is Big Data the next micromanager?
  • Will platforms such as and Precima trump a salesperson’s intuition to respond to their customers?
  • When will companies depart from Taleo and ATS and be able to truly assess real talent?
  • Is digital headhunting here or yet to come?
  • Does the customer experience economy ensure small niche companies will always be around?
  • Will social media pave the way for poor leaders and companies to be discovered and marginalized quicker?
  • Can poor leaders truly change their ways?
  • Will the top-down leadership model phase out with the Baby Boomers, or will human nature ensure it will always be around?
  • Will certain national economies specialize where one focuses on manufacturing, another tech, another country financing, and so forth?
  • Can a connected 24-hour time zone world ever lead to work-life balance?
  • What are the next organizational trends beyond holocracy, income equality, and “culture with purpose”?
  • Has the term “disruption” run it’s course?
  • How can we get proven leadership and personal methods into more people’s hands to impact our globe?
  • What are the next fusion industries beyond bio-tech and sustainable energy?
  • What will the post-millennial generation look like, what are there tendencies, and how can we gear up their Millennial leaders to lead them effectively?
  • What lessons from the last 100 years have we benefited from the most? What lessons have we not learned and are repeating?
  • Do we defer to much to top thought leaders, government officials, and celebrity or media types to change our world?
  • Where can the next level of social media take individuals and companies, and what does that look like?

Please feel free to answer and leave comments below! I’m curious what you think, and look forward to some lively discussion!

(image: morguefile)

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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  1. These are great questions to think about. Thank you for offering them to us.


  2. Can a connected 24-hour time zone world ever lead to work-life balance? Yes. But the culture has to change to imbed mindfulness.


  3. You know they’re good questions when they cause you to really think and want to innovate in new ways. That’s exactly what many of these do for me, thanks! The one in particular is: Can poor leaders truly change their ways?I think there’s a blog post in that! Thank you!


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