3 Steps Visionary Leaders Use to Overcome Failure


Proper planning, wise counsel, and innovative thinking many times result in success. And many times, in spite of the best efforts, they do not.

Failure has gripped anyone and everyone who has taken on a leadership role or career. And while a part of life, it can paralyze you and keep you from attaining your potential to influence others with your abilities and vision.

A winning leader doesn’t allow the chains of failure to keep them in bondage for very long. The most visionary leaders follow a simple 3 step process to stop the impact of failure and turn a setback into a success.

  1. Visionary leaders GET UP. Les Brown has said “if you fall, fall on your back, that way you can face forward when you get up”. Great leaders don’t stay down; they get back on their feet and show their determination and resiliency. Feelings of failure and inadequacy can render us useless, even for brief intervals. It’s important to remember this first step in moving beyond failure is to get back in the driver’s seat and resume the race towards your goals. Visionary leaders view failure simply as an obstacle that needs to be overcome.
  2. Visionary leaders GET RECHARGED. This is a pivot point and is as varied as the individual. Leaders may need to seek their goals and reset their vision in order to be recharged. They may need forgiveness from those whom they’ve let down, or forgive themselves. They may need to review their plans, revise their strategy, and adjust their plan of attack. Sometimes they take some time to view their goals as larger and more desirable. Recharging can also be a review of their past successes, a review of the new teachable moment, or a word of encouragement that reminds them they are still on track for success. These leaders see their failures as ways to hone their skills for success.
  3. Visionary leaders GET MOVING. One of the most disruptive responses to failure is paralysis of progress. Whether from feeling inferior, that you’ve disappointed others, or lost your trust and credibility, failure can keep someone stationary where they don’t want to lose more ground. Great leaders know that the only way to achieve their goals is to keep moving forward, no matter how many times you stop or get off track.

As with any of these steps, the key is keeping your eyes lofty and on the vision ahead. Visionary leaders never lose their dream or sight of their goals, even when they fail. They always face forward, encourage others to do likewise, and lead the charge to accomplish the mission ahead.

Remember, failure can paralyze; vision can energize. Get up, get recharged, and get moving towards the goals laid out for you!!

(image: morguefile.com)

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My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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