Motivate Your Team With Follow-Through


Over the years I’ve heard a multitude employees in various companies complain about their boss’s lack of commitment. Some of the oft-repeated phrases were:

“They don’t act on what we tell them”

“He never speaks to the staff who don’t do their jobs”

“She always rolls her eyes and blows us off”

Do you know what else these people – and their teams – have in common? Disengaged staff, lack of trust in their leadership, and poor morale. Not to mention a leader who carries the load of stress on their backs.

It doesn’t take much thought to realize that if these managers would simply follow-through on what was brought to their attention they would see a major boost in their team’s motivation.

Follow-through requires two simple mindsets:

  • Be open, acknowledge, and verify the issues
  • Be courageous and address the issue in line with core values

When team members see sub-par performance from one of their co-workers, they not only question the person, but after time they will question the leader who allows it to not be addressed. When a plant is struggling with production, a manager who blows off an employee’s input on line efficiency loses their credibility and trust. And when a potential business strategy will either make revenue and/or reduce costs thus creating job security within the organization, a leader who balks will get a vote of no confidence from their people.

Inaction and ignoring erodes trust, which leads to disengagement, which leads to poor results. This also leads to stress among the team, and the leader bringing on more stress themselves by wrestling with whether they could, or should, face the issue head on.

By shifting your mindset to acknowledge and address a situation, you can greatly motivate your people and improve their commitment to you and the organization. Imagine the impact you would have if you coached and developed a problem employee to better performance, and how that person as well as the entire team will benefit. All it takes is a little time, awareness, and follow-through.

Many times the most cost effective ways to improve morale, engagement, and productivity is to follow through and address the issues brought forth within the team. Follow-through is a mindset that easily becomes a habit and helps you and your people be motivated that you’re on top of your game.

How have your teams benefited from follow-through? Share them below!!

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