How To Give Your Leadership A LIFT


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If you’ve ever needed a simple and effective way to get your leadership influence going to the next level, here is a quick book to help you get there.

“Leadership LIFT – Taking Your Leadership to New Heights” is my first book and will give you some encouraging and easily applied methods to move your leadership from the doldrums into a new, sustainable flight trajectory.

Taking the cue from a couple of very close friends who are professional pilots, Leadership LIFT draws compares the process of getting ready for flight and draws some applications towards how we can boost our leadership trajectory and influence. The chapters are outlined below:

  • Start on the Ground – strategies to stay grounded and well maintained
  • Chart Your Course – know your destination
  • Clear the Runway – remove the obstacles and have a clear vision
  • Sell Tickets – promote what you’re doing
  • Get Your People on Board – engender trust in your vehicle
  • Fuel UP – feed yourself properly for the best energy
  • Check Your Systems – check and double-check; do they work?
  • Throttle Forward and Gain Momentum – to progress you need to go down the runway
  • Spread Your Wings – extend your goals to gain more lift
  • Adjust Your Altitude and Enjoy the View – keep everything engaged until your destination is reached

Designed to be an easy read and be readily applied to your leadership repertoire, each chapter gives space for writing key thoughts and notes to help you put into action the lessons you learn from LIFT.

Leadership LIFT is available at Amazon (both paperback and Kindle formats) and on CreateSpace. Please feel free to leave a review and feedback as I prepare for my next book.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement!!

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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