Are You A Vision Caster?


Vision is a great and necessary concept for a leader to have.

It guides an organization and people to a future goal. It rallies teams around a common belief of a desired outcome.

And yet it is no good if, as a leader, you have it and don’t give it away.

Vision must be cast forward, like a fishing net or spreading seed.

Keeping it reaps nothing. It’s only good if you send it out.

The most effective leaders are those who can take a vision and cast it forward, every day and during every interaction.

They talk of the future, not the past or present. They focus on the dreams and the worthwhile effort needed to attain them.

They take their eyes away from the waves crashing around them and get them fixed on the horizon ahead.

The ships that go the straightest are the ones looking forward, not diverted by mirages or shifting winds.

Vision casters are goal setters, value promoters, mission drivers, and speakers of dreams.

Vision casters make tremendous leaders.


The question today – Are YOU a vision caster?



About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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