How Engaging Connections Build Transparency

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As organizations attempt to integrate solutions to the myriad of challenges they face, the resulting strategies can be numerous, if at times conflicting.

We’ve most likely seen throughout a given year action plans and goals that address individual issues, but when looked at collectively they become at odds with each other. When two or more goals skew efforts, they also send conflicting messages and seldom result in solving anything.

Sometimes bundling goals, whether consciously or sub-consciously, can create unintended yet astounding results.

The case can be said for leaders being a consistent proponent of making meaningful and engaging connections with the people in their organization. When team members get to know their leaders, who they are and what they represent (their vision and values), there is a transparency that ensues. Staff open up more as they trust and feel that their leaders are being open and honest with them and are mutually working together. This creates a more solid workplace synergy as well as a committed team that will endure the ups and downs of the workplace together.

But what is even more interesting is how engaging connections will ferret out those individuals in the organization whose values and agendas are not congruent to the rest of the team. For example, when a staff member, executive leader, or floor manager attempt to push differing goals or viewpoints among the team, those instances will stand out in stark contrast to what the organization is working towards. Having the leadership be the organizational megaphone for corporate culture, when a dissenting action starts to manifest, the team will be able to easily identify it and address it accordingly.

This type of transparency allows the team to question motives that seem to diverge from the organization. By having the entire team informed and attuned to what works in their common interest, any skew initiative or talking point will stand out and be ready to prune back so that the company may grow forward.

A manager I worked for many years ago used this approach to great effectiveness. By building a trust among the staff he was able to create an environment where people sought more trust and transparency. In those instances where those who chose not to be aligned with the team goals became evident, the staff would sense the threat to transparency and culture, and the issue would be promptly addressed. Many times, but not always, the actions were remedial to bring the big picture back to mind and continue keeping the team intact. Yet whatever the outcome, trust and transparency won out because he made connecting with the staff a priority.

Building engagement with your team results in so much more than just transparency. In identifying what it means to your company’s culture, seek to leverage its benefits to meet multiple goals and be more effective.

Have a story on how engaging connections have benefited your organization? Share below!

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