7 Encouraging Signs That You’re On Target


Are you making progress towards your goals?

Do you feel you’re making headway at all, or are you concerned that you’re stuck in a hamster wheel, running around but going nowhere?

Progressing towards the goals you set for yourself has its high and low points, including times of stagnant results and busywork that seems to get you nowhere. These times are the roots that grow underground, invisible to the eye, that eventually break through the surface and sprout.

If you feel that you’re not progressing towards your goals at all, here are some encouraging signs that you are actually making headway:

  1. You know your core values. If you have defined who you are, your authentic self, then you have given your mind a clear picture of what you want to become. Without a mirror of your own future, you will not see the grooming you need to attend to. Knowing who you truly are will guide you consciously and subconsciously towards your internal goals.
  2. You have written down your goals. If you have any goals written down and refer to them regularly, then you have made a powerful step towards achieving them. Like a map, your goals need to be drawn out and referred to continually in order to guide you to your destination. Sometimes traffic (busy work) and construction (disruptions) get you off course or delayed. But it’s the ongoing progress of moving forward, even in a lateral direction, that will result in you arriving to where you want to be.
  3. You have not compromised who you are. If you have been faced with the challenging decision to forsake your values or what is right for approval, expediency, or gain, and not caved in, then you have made a huge step that draws together the first two steps above. Standing for what you know is right, and not compromising yourself our your values, will build a deep character and lasting reputation that will eventually help you grow into who you desire to be.
  4. You learn something new about yourself and your world each day. If you have a teachable spirit, one that does not get defensive  but rather accepts criticism, failure, and life’s hard lessons fairly openly, then you show yourself to be on a solid learning trajectory. By assessing how well you do each day – both the failures and the victories – you show yourself to be willing to learn and do whatever it takes to grow and develop.
  5. You put your best effort in. Do you ever have those days that you go to bed exhausted from a hard day’s work and not sure if you made an impact? An honest effort and solid day’s work becomes your business card, your reputation, over time. People seek out reliable folks that will get projects done, or are trustworthy because of their work ethic. Keep up the good work and don;t let not being recognized discourage you; you are working towards your internal self all the time, and no one can take that away from you.
  6. You find opportunities to improve the world around you. Did you find a way to cut costs this week? Maybe you placed a suggestion in the box at work for a new training initiative. Perhaps you and a co-workers came up with an new product idea, or even a feature upgrade, that will set your company apart, or elevate your industry. Or maybe you spoke up at a city planning session and gave that one voice to help the community work together. If you are taking steps to improve your world, then you are making a difference, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant your contributions may be.
  7. You encourage and help others grow towards their goals. By being alongside someone and showing them how they can grow, praising them to others, or showing them the ropes, you grow yourself in the process. Even if the other person gets promoted past you, or gains recognition and you didn’t, knowing that you have helped someone achieve their potential (colleague, children, or even stranger) give you a sense of worth you are making a difference in the lives of others.

If after reading this you feel that you are not meeting all, or any, of these ways towards your goals, you have an incredible opportunity – today! You can start getting yourself on track by implementing these steps and start your journey towards your dreams.

By having any one of these in your life, you are on the road to growing. And with each one of these you are able to fold in, you will create a snowball effect that generates momentum and will get you closer and closer to your goals each and every day.

Encourage yourself in your efforts. Keep marching towards those ideals you have set out for yourself!

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