The Joy Of A Job Well Done


There is no greater satisfaction in life, other than perhaps being a parent, than putting in an earnest day’s work.

Work is something not to be shunned, but rather embraced. To labor is to have purpose in life, to realize your talents, and to make the lives around you better because of your efforts. You would be hard pressed to find a person who does not feel a sense of accomplishment and healthy pride after a job well done.

Good work – a job well done – should be a goal of every person, leader, society, and institution. Therefore, it should be the chief aim of every organization to provide meaningful, rewarding, and purposeful work to their people and enable them every opportunity to perform their jobs with a high degree of success.

In order to achieve this we should always keep the picture of great work in mind. These examples may be:

  • A well-rehearsed and orchestrated symphony performance
  • An incredibly touching monument or exhibit of architecture
  • An amazingly executed meal service, project collaboration, or sporting contest
  • A winning bid to secure an important client
  • Retiring for the night knowing you did everything with character and integrity
  • Being tired after landscaping, hauling truckloads, or filling purchase orders
  • Seeing a great piece of art
  • Watching a team come together to get the task accomplished and the goal met

Work should comprise of, as author R. Kent Hughes described:

  • Energy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Wholeheartedness
  • Excellence

We can only produce work of that kind when we have the proper mental framing of what our labors should be. By having a positive picture of work, and what the fruits of our individual and collective labors create, we can instill a higher purpose in the lives of those we lead. Work should never be a cause for dread, but a cause for validation in every person’s life.

Work hard towards a purpose. Make that purpose a pure one. Enjoy your labors and create a culture that celebrates effort and talent!

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