Social, Culture And Leadership Lessons From The Hospital

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My wife is recovering tonight from some minor surgery that requires an overnight stay. Not to take lightly what she is going through or her recovery ahead, I was amazed at how much I learned from this episode.

While her surgery was to put some things right so she can continue on with her life, I found it truly amazing what I observed during the day’s journey:

  1. When distractions are greatly reduced, you can observe and learn a lot. The down time I had while waiting for the surgery, or in between her nap periods, allowed me to witness the items below and come away with many great lessons. When you can get outside of your routine, your perspective changes and what you focus on changes as well.
  2. Social media is an amazing outreach. As I posted for prayers and kept some modest updates, I was amazed at how much support and encouragement we received. One of my colleagues, Jennifer Miller, messaged me some key recovery advice (which I admittedly needed to hear again) both from a medical and leadership viewpoint. Friends and family connected, work associates, and leadership colleagues form over the globe. What other medium can intertwine the myriad aspects of our lives and funnel support in such a timely and personal manner?
  3. Culture and mission are key to an organization’s success. We opted for a doctor who specialized in this type of procedure, even though it took us 40 minutes away from our local hospital to a smaller facility. From the very beginning, we were overwhelmed with the support and thoroughness of everyone in all aspects of her care. Lab work that was done on a Friday had the results emailed to her on a Sunday (really, over the weekend?!) Information on options and risks, and follow-up calls on next appointments were always in abundance. And during the entire day today, every staff member in the hospital (and every shift) was calm, engaged, and committed to her care. Cultural alignment was definitely ingrained there, and left us with a high impression of the facility and her recovery prognosis.
  4. Leadership principles extend to the home as well. We preach this concept constantly, but how well do we apply these principles to our personal lives? I am taking the week off to tend to her recovery as well as the needs of the home (kids and pets galore!), yet I needed a couple of gentle reminders of what servant leadership is in what her needs will be over the next couple of weeks. By delegating and building our team of family members, all with a mission to help her recover, she will be well taken care of. Knowing and willingly serving in our given roles will prove the type of leaders we are.

My wife’s surgery may be a temporary and uncomfortable path to ultimately feeling better. This procedure will well be worth it, and I am thankful for the lessons I learned, but mostly for the support given by great friends and leaders from all over.

Have a similar story to share? Have you gained some inspiration that you can apply in your life? Let me know!

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