Focus This Friday – Round Out Your Leadership


Most of us will enter this weekend off from work. Some of us will work a little bit, and others may be gearing up for a busy work weekend.

Whatever your role come Friday, it’s a good time to re-focus on your leadership in order to gain a second wind and renewed influence.

Here are some things to consider this weekend:

  • How can I commit to my company’s cause in a more effective fashion?
  • Where can I expand my influence, connection, and example?
  • How can I fine-tune myself at work and at home to be refreshed and have better perspective?
  • What can I do to build others up and encourage their growth?
  • What can I do, during work, to grow? What can I do during my personal time, to grow?
  • What area of my leadership role (home, work, family, church, community) can I make better for those others involved?
  • Can I refresh myself in reading, working, exercising, leisure, projects and come away ready for the next challenge?

Determine to round out our leadership this weekend.

No matter what your weekend demands of you, keep growing.

(image: morguefile)

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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