Finding Your Sweet Spot


In the search for being at your most productive or creative, there is a lot of good advice and systems to choose from. But do you feel that you haven’t found the right technique that works for you? Why is that?

For starters, not every system will work for everyone. We are not cookie-cutter people, where one technique works for all. In fact, we are more unique in our schedules, demands, personalities, and strengths than probably ever before.

So in pursuit of discovering a method of productivity, creative process, or workflow that is best for you, it is probably best to find your sweet spot” and build a system around that.

What is a “sweet spot”? Consider a baseball bat. The larger end, or the barrel, has an area on it where the ball will bounce off better than anywhere else on the bat. (The same is true for golf clubs and drivers as well). It’s the nature of that particular bat – and no two bats are exactly the same – that a player will try to connect the ball with for the best results.

We each have a sweet spot in ourselves as well. It’s that portion of our life where we do our best work. It’s a spot where we can be most effective, most influential, and – beleive it or not – most approachable.

For instance, my best time of the day is the morning hours from 5am until 12 noon. But even in that span, I find my sweet spot(s) to be between 5-7am and from 8:30-10am. This is where I find my energy is at my highest, my brain is at its sharpest, and my focus for the day has not yet been disrupted (generally). I find that whether at work or at home on the weekend, these are times I use for planning. presenting, and physical work.

I plan my days, my social media times, and my devotional times in the 5-7 slot and my day’s busywork form 8:30 on. I then use the systems I find best meet my style and use them during that time.

We all have similar sweet spots in our days and personalities in which we:

  • Are the most creative or innovative
  • Feel our sharpest mentally
  • Have an undisrupted work or home environment
  • Are the most productive
  • Are pushed the most and perform in the clutch
  • Are more in tune with others, thereby better connected and engaged
  • Have more solitude to plan, think, and process information

Sweet spots don’t necessarily have to be time of day. They can be places, physical environments, team settings, or 30 minutes after your coffee or exercise.

Some people find their sweet spots when they’re in a quiet spot, such as business executives. Others, like chefs or quarterbacks, find their sweet spots when they’re locked into a fast-paced situation. Others, such as law enforcement or public safety, find theirs during times of crisis. Even within those professions, there are even those whose sweet spot may not fit the traditional mold of their peers

Whatever your sweet spot is, you need to find the best situation or environment for you and wrap your success around it.

Take some time today and reflect on what your “sweet spot” is! Let me know what you find!

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