When A Business Person Is Not A Leader


You’ve heard the phrases many times:

“It’s the best decision for the company.”

“Well, it’s business.”

“That’s the way the industry goes.”

These phrases – usually uttered from senior and executive leadership – reveal the inner drive that these folks have.

At the core they show that they are business people, and not necessarily leaders.


Here’s the difference:

A business person’s main goal is the profit, the stock price, or the merger.

A leader’s main goal is the vision and the core values that support the vision.

A business person is considered successful if their shareholders are happy, and the acquisition goes through.

A leader is considered successful if they can develop leaders in their sphere of influence.

A business person keeps their eye on the bottom line.

A leader keeps their eye on the mission and how it benefits others.

A business person will go to great lengths to make the “tough calls” for profitability.

A leaders will sacrifice much to make the tough decisions that stay aligned with the core values.

A business person will most likely sell out.

A leader will be sold out on the vision, values, and voice of their organization.

A business person sees either people OR profits, and chooses for the business.

A leader sees people AND profits, and chooses for sustainability and growth of both.

A business person’s legacy is known by their track record of turnarounds, business partnerships, and cashflow.

A leader’s most important legacy is the leaders he or she develops.


Business people make short term gains that are gone the next quarter or fiscal year, while leaders make long-term impact that touch generations of people, customers, and industries that follow.

Determine to be a leader, not just a business person.

(image: morguefile)


About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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