Book Review: The Disciplined Leader

Disciplined LEader

In his new book The Disciplined Leader, John Manning brings 52 comprehensive yet easily readable lessons into the hands of those who want to hone their leadership effectiveness.

Manning, the President of Management Action Programs, Inc. (MAP), has developed these lessons from years of research and successful application. Throughout this journey, he has discovered the key ingredient to the best leaders: discipline.

Manning starts off by bringing the word discipline into a positive context. He defines disciplineĀ in the following terms:

“Discipline is the consistent application of certain mindsets and actions that are vital to your success.”

These mindsets and actions stem from three core areas that leadership involves:

  1. Leading yourself
  2. Leading your team
  3. Leading your organization

Manning uses these core areas to build one after the other. If you cannot lead yourself, then you cannot lead your team. If you cannot lead your team, then you cannot lead your organization.

Each lesson builds throughout the book from the previous one. What Manning does is give a short few pages to each lesson, but packs each one with relevant insight and challenges you to tackle these leadership components with the willingness to grow and influence others.

One of the best features of this book I feel is that while 52 lessons seems like a lot to take on, Manning gives a practical and modular application to getting the most out of this book.

He urges readers to choose a “Vital Few” five lessons from nine (three from each section). He allows one to read all the lessons or just skim and grab the lessons that seems pertinent. By doing this, anyone can focus on the Vital Few that will make the most impact to themselves and others around them. As the subtitle says, “Keeping the Focus on What Really Matters“.

This book is one of the better ones in being a useful guidebook and working map to enhance one’s leadership journey.

Make The Disciplined Leader your next read and a positive impact in your leadership life!!

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