Leading Is More Than Putting UP Numbers

Profits or People --

One of the oldest and still more pervasive leadership camps is the one that focuses on results, and primarily bottom line numbers. While it’s implied overall that meeting revenue and profit goals, as well as other numerical metrics, is the report card for a leader’s success, this is a one sided and most often short-sighted view of leadership.

While the earliest business thought leaders since the industrial revolution have always taught leadership in terms of people development and core values, they were drowned out by many who adhered to the numbers-only mindset. Yet even with the advent of our interconnected world and access to contemporary thought leaders, we still find many who insist adamantly that results matter, period.

But we see the tide turning. If you look up what the primary goal is of leadership today you will find, from Forbes to Inc to Dan MacArthy’s Great Leadership to various universities across the globe, we see another way of thinking about leadership:

Leadership is more than putting UP numbers. Leadership is defined, but not restricted, by the following mindsets:

  • Positive influence for the benefit of others
  • Authenticity of being/doing what one says they are/will do
  • Serving others and providing for their needs
  • Developing others and making the path clear for advancement
  • Casting a vision and instilling hope in others
  • Communicating values and ensuring the mission is understood
  • Fostering engagement by building professional and personal connections in individuals
  • Courage to stand up for what is right when no one else will
  • Willingness to see oneself from other’s viewpoints and make the necessary changes
  • Integrity to be held accountable and encourage a spirit of accountability
  • One who doesn’t see themselves but others as the essential team members
  • Having an ability to listen (not just hear), think, process, and plan
  • Pushing beyond the tendency for complacency to growing through discomfort and stretching
  • Simplifying matters and systems, preventing them from convolution efforts towards goals
  • The ability to make varied resources (people) come together in harmony to achieve more than they could individually

While the list could easily continue, the point is this: All of the traits listed above are a multitude of ways leaders work to achieve the numbers others covet to put up. By using these methods, leaders exhibit more effective means to achieve goals, build revenue, and develop their teams.

And if one thinks carefully, there is another mindset to be discovered. None of these actions show a final focus of putting up numbers and results. The best of leaders use these methods many times as the goals themselves. By knowing what your values are and making them the goal, and being smart in your strategic planning of establishing your goals from your values, you will make the required results not as an endgame itself, but merely as a by-product from having a more proper perspective on leadership and working with people.

Put people first. Put your values up to under-gird them. Put your goals ahead of you. Your numbers will post UP if the more important parts to equation are in place.

(image: canva.com design by The UPwards Leader)

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My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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