The Door To A Second Chance


One of the more recently released books that I highly recommend is “Leaders Open Doors” by Bill Treasurer. Bill takes us through the challenge and amazing opportunities that exist when leaders, quite literally, open doors for others move forward on their own accord.

While every chapter is full of vibrant leadership principles, one chapter that particularly resonated with me is the chapter entitled “The Door To Second Chances”. He illustrates beautifully the resounding results from giving others second chances and enabling people to prove themselves again and be built back up.

Why should a leader give someone who has failed another chance at redemption? Here are the reasons below that Bill lists out with some of my observations

  • Someone has made an honest and legitimate mistake. People who earnestly fail are usually principled and have the organization’s best interest in mind. These folks are values-based and understand mission. Turn the reigns back over to them due to their commitment and vision that is shared with the company.
  • People that had a thoughtful process but ended with a bad result. While they did their due diligence, other circumstances beyond their control produced an undesirable outcome. Most of the time, their hard work preparation will pay off dividends. The best of leaders have failed at one time or another even though they planned and made every effort to meet the goal.
  • Those who made mistakes out of ignorance, not malice. Sometimes people fail due to misinformation, naivete, or lack of communication. If the person made a good faith effort, this shows character and perhaps a teachable moment for both the individual and the organization. It’s a time like this for shoring up the holes and making sure everyone becomes stronger as a result.
  • People who suffered career setback, but have solid track record of adding value to companies. Many times a person’s failure is their own, other times it’s through the fault of the company they worked for. These situations can severely set a person’s career back, but their reputation is otherwise stellar. Consider these people as diamonds in the rough just waiting to re-prove themselves.
  • Folks who are deeply embarrassed, likely to retain the lesson for the duration of their careers. When an individual is willing to make amends for their mistakes, and is sincere and honest about the change, then it’s a good bet to get them back on track. Their renewed commitment will serve as a motivator to spur them on to better and more reliable performance, and their failure will most likely ensure that they will not make the same mistake again.

Leaders who give people second chances for the above qualified reasons will create a culture of commitment and deeper engagement. People given another chance are more determined to prove themselves and not squander the new life they’ve been given.

Where can you give a second chance to someone today?

Do you have a second chance story? Please share with us below!

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  1. Second chances are important steps in building a stronger culture of positivity and commitment. This post confirms this belief.


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