Book Review – The New One Minute Manager

New One Minute Manager

One of my mantras in leadership is this: “Times change but great leadership principles do not. Only the application of these principles change.”

That statement is certainly underscored by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson’sThe New One Minute Manager” just released earlier today.

Following up on their classic “The One Minute Manager” – a book I reread every other year – the authors’ have updated these timeless principles for a changing leadership world. The story of a young man who is looking for an effective manager has been updated as a quest to find someone who could lead and manage in today’s changing world.

While staying within the three secrets to One Minute Managing, Blanchard and Johnson have updated the story and secrets to be more relevant for today’s companies. Some of the details, names, and examples have changed towards that end, but the same message and narrative is there and as fresh as it was when it was written over 30 years ago.

In re-launching the book for a modern audience, the authors have not diluted the message or the delivery of it. It is well written for leaders today who were not born when the original was first published. At the same time, those who are familiar with the first edition will like the new way the One Minute Manager is presented – fresh, pertinent, and timeless.

The New One Minute Manager is available at Amazon and on their new wesbite. Check it out:


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