Look Internally, Not Externally, For Your Problems

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Last week Cincinnati Reds manager Brian Price lost his temper in a fit of anger, and unprofessional speech, to a group of reporters.

Frustrated with the line of questioning about his team’s performance and some specific injuries to his players, Price lost his cool and the infamous tirade that followed caused ripple effects through the sporting world.

Leaders have bad days, granted, and Price may certainly have had one on this day. His anger, stemming from his team’s play, was also sparked by the persistent questions on his injured players. Threaded through his angry response, he kept asking how letting this information be known to the reporters, and the rest of the league, helps his team.

Price’s core issue in losing his temper and his credibility was that he blamed the media for reporting information and doing their job. His players’ injuries and performance were not the fault of the media, and yet he looked outside of that and blamed them for not helping the team by reporting these issues.

When leadership looks to find scapegoats from outsiders as to why their teams performance, and possibly their own, is lacking, these individuals have in essence taken taken their eyes of the real problem and are in denial of the root cause and solution(s).

Great leaders look internally at the cause of sub-par performance. They look to themselves first, then their teams, and objective find ways to improve and inspire the turnaround. There is no room for looking externally and blaming others for lackluster results.

Leaders, look within for the blame, and the solution, for your performance. Own, it, see it, and do it. 

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  1. Great reminder that we are responsible for our teams successes and shortcomings!


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