Why Execution Is The Best Marketing Strategy

marketing up

If your organization is deciding which marketing strategy is the next step, there may an effective option available.

Digital marketing, print media, and broadcast media are great methods to communicate your brand, but the most foundational and essential way to market your company is this: Execution.

How your company executes its operations, from customer service to manufacturing, shipping to order placement, will determine the platform on which any subsequent marketing is effective or not.

Consider putting together a marketing plan for these type of operations:

  • A hotel whose check-in and check-out procedures are lengthy and arduous
  • An automotive dealer whose service department is not timely and customers wait for extended periods
  • An airline that consistently run late and are overbooked
  • A restaurant that provides poor plate presentations with lackluster service
  • A manufacturing company that does not fill their order demands in a timely fashion

Marketing these types of operations is just throwing good money after bad. It would be a poor decision to promote these businesses without first shoring up their basic operations.

Think how these well-executed businesses will attract more buzz, more customers?

  • Hotels with brisk check-out systems and warm receptionists who call you by name
  • Automotive service departments that text you when your part arrives and offers shuttle service without being asked
  • Airlines that run like clockwork, manage their bookings well, and have clerks who treat you like a hotel bellhop
  • Restaurants that service amazing food with a follow-up by the floor manager to see how things are and engage in your visit
  • Manufacturing companies that deliver products on time, within the proper specs, and with a survey or follow-up call to see if it arrival time and products were acceptable

I read years ago of a family owned pizza shop in a major city that never did any marketing above print ads, in spite of the fact that his competitors were issuing combo deals and aggressive coupons. Yet the owner said his store was the busiest in the city. When asked why he didn’t coupon or do anything else, he responded, “We make the best product in the city, and and make it fun to dine here. Why should I spend my profits when I’m so busy and I need to focus on serving my customers?”

Where are your marketing efforts being directed? Focus on execution first, and see what happens.

(image: morguefile/mconnors)

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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  1. Josh Dragon, P.E.

    Well said Paul. Your point about the pizza joint really hits on one of the most effective marketing strategies, creating product evangelists out of your customers. By executing at the highest level, companies can provide their customers with products that they want to be associated with and tell others about. That is the best kind of marketing.

    Thanks for the good read.


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