10 Reasons Leaders Should Be Givers

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Leadership, as many have said before, is not about title or position. Depending on who you consult, experts will state that leadership is about influence, vision, development, goals, motivation, belief, values, or hope. All of those are valid and applicable definitions to the role.

So here is another thought on the topic.

Leadership is a stewardship of giving.

Let’s break this down a bit. A person in the role of leadership is given authority and responsibility for an outcome. They are also entrusted with a certain amount of resources – financial, staff, physical, materials, and so forth – that are allocated towards the attainment of those outcomes.

If that person hordes or squanders the responsibility and resources, then they have failed in their leadership to attain the goal. For example, if someone is stingy on labor costs that are budgeted but they want to improve the bottom line by hording those dollars, they have hampered the chance to better attain the desired goal. Conversely, overspending on personnel and being undisciplined will have negative consequences as well.

Great leaders learn to give everything they have away in order to achieve the goals they have before them.

They see themselves as merely stewards of what has been given them. Not as the end-user, but as a temporary placeholder to allocate where these resources make the best impact for the organization (versus themselves).

Here are ten thoughts as to how leaders should have a stewardship mindset:

  1. Leaders give the vision to others to inspire their people
  2. They give their authority to others to develop other leaders
  3. They open up the financials to foster understanding and wise fiscal practices
  4. Leaders spend their time to build and develop their staff
  5. They give away their agendas to commit to the company mission and customer experience
  6. Leaders give full attention to the input of others
  7. Leaders give the tools and resources necessary for people to do their jobs
  8. They give hope when failure seems real
  9. The give an example for everyone to follow
  10. Leaders share information so the entire team can be on the same page

Leaders who can give away what’s been given them have a truly positive impact on their people and organization. Only by giving with pure motives and the desire to do what’s best for everyone, can this be a genuine and effective mindset that builds teams and credibility.

Fearful leaders hold on to their trust. Confident leaders give what’s entrusted away.

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My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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