Leadership: Leaves Or Roots?

leaves and roots

When you look at a tree, the first thing you notice are the leaves most likely. Their lush green colors, and vibrant fall palette, are a wonder to behold. Leaves are the most photographed aspect of a tree or forest.

Yet the most important part of the tree is the part not seen, the roots.

Roots provide the necessary nutrients for the tree itself, without which, the tree would not get nourishment or water. The tree depends on the roots for feeding it and making it grow.

The roots are also what anchors the tree. In storms and adverse conditions, the roots keep the tree standing firm and tall. And in many circumstances, tree roots are intertwined with other roots to form a system where they support the others in the forest.

The are two types of leaders, leaders that want to be leaves, and leaders that are roots.

Leaders that wish to be leaves want the attention, recognition, and the prominence. They are usually all about appearances and what they present themselves, or how they are perceived.

Unfortunately this type of leader, like the leaves they emulate, wither and fall away, to be replaced by another.

Leaders that are roots prefer to support their teams, the rest of the tree. They work to feed their people and to provide growth and stability. They anchor their folks, and labor behind the scenes to ensure the longevity and overall health of the organism, or organization.

Which type of leader are you? Choose to be a root, and “root” for your people to grow and prosper.


(image: istockphoto.com)


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My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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