Achieving Your Goals Is A 12-Round Fight

boxing ring

As you’re checking your calendars this week, you’ll notice that the last week of February is upon us.

The 2nd month of the year is going past.

2 down, and 10 more to go….

In the last two months, it’s a fair bet to say that your goals have been challenged, your reach has been stretched, and your ability to grow and help others develop has run into some rough patches as well.

And as you look ahead, there is still much to do and miles of progress to make. The road may seem long and the work weary. You may even feel the weight of trying to undertake the goals you’ve set out to reach.

We should never get discouraged in pursuing our goals. We set them and commit to the hard work and discipline it takes to achieve them. We should willingly take the hard lumps to attain any worthwhile goal.

Setting your leadership goals for the year is in a sense a 12-round fight.

A boxer doesn’t give up after the 2nd round when they’ve been bruised and battered. They stay in until the final round or a winner declared.

Marathon runners don’t give up when they “hit the wall” after 18-20 miles. They dig within themselves and leg out the remaining 6 miles in order to cross the finish line.

Leaders don’t get discouraged or hang it up when the goals don’t stay on track. When the team starts to doubt, or the results don’t seem favorable, they reach within themselves and their team to tap into that inner strength and vision, pushing forward until the second wind hits and measurable results are noticed.

The test of your leadership is how you keep your head in the game and hang in there until the task is complete.

Stay in the ring. Keep your eyes on the finish line. The reward of achieving your goals is far better than any discomfort you experience along the way.


About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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