Book Review: Sprinkles by Chip Bell


Chip Bell, senior partner of the Chip Bell Group, and Leading Voice for Lead Change Group, has published a great book on giving awesome service experience called “Sprinkles”.

Based on the premise that “Everything Goes Better With Sprinkles”, Bell gives real-world samplings of how innovative service is simple, creative, and well, awesome.

In a world where people are looking for service that gives a sense of “awe” instead of “wow”, many brands fall short. Bell encourages leaders to simply go beyond the old value-added services that eventually erode profits. He endeavors to inspire us to reach for create, innovative service that is fun, unique, and as simple as placing sprinkles on a dessert.

Chip, an experienced author on challenging leaders and businesses to raise their service game, has written this book in a very succinct but effective style. In each chapter he gives solid examples, drives home the core principle, and challenges us at the end with “The Secret Sauce” which allows us to muse and consider how we can apply those principles into our own brands.

Each chapter is just a few pages, and the titles go with the food themes for outstanding service (“Always Add An Extra Helping” and “Put A Cherry On Top of Great Service” are two of my favorites). Chip keeps a fun tone throughout and yet doesn’t loose the message. This book is a great afternoon read, and well worth it.

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