Book Review: The Hidden Leader

the hidden leader

If you’re looking for a great leadership book to start your New Year off on the right path, “The Hidden Leader” by Scott K. Edinger and Laurie Sain will help broaden your mindset as to what leadership truly is.

The book’s premise – and one that truly resonates with me (see this post) – is that throughout any given organization there are many leaders hidden away, and how do you spot them?

Although the book has eight chapters, don’t let that fool you. There is a plethora of good leadership insight, as well as graphs and tables, to help visualize things like The Value Promise, The Hidden Leader Venn Diagram, and The Positive Feedback Loop. These all tie the chapter themes – Identify Hidden Leaders, Enable Integrity, Engaging Hidden Leaders – into realistic and applicable methods for identifying and developing those leadership gems buried deep within your company.

The authors have worked extensively to bring together great points, visual aids, and worksheets to help leaders find new leaders among their teams and bring out the best in them. They have also added an extra dimension of technology by inserting QR codes that bring you to their website for additional information and exercises to help you apply these techniques to your particular situation.

The read is informative, and is spaced apart nicely by the worksheets and graphs. The QR codes help tie in the website to the book content, in an interactive, not gimmicky, way. It works, and works well.

Edinger and Sain have done a wonderful job in giving practical methods to an important, if not vital, need in every organization.

The Hidden Leader” is available on Amazon and is a highly recommended read for 2015.




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