Remembering A Little Leader


As we celebrate the birth of Christ just over 2000 years ago, we remember much of the baby, but forget much of how Jesus’ mission manifested that night in a manger.

He was born to display humility.

He was raised to respect authority.

He challenged the thought leaders of the religious circles.

He developed twelve people from various backgrounds to a common vision.

He was patient as they struggled to learn their roles.

He delegated and let them learn lessons of becoming leaders in their own right.

He served to the extent that He did not eat and had to break away for quiet solitary time.

He connected to people from diverse backgrounds and shunned no one.

He finished His mission without receiving the full credit for His work – at that time.

That baby in the manger, the unique Christ child, was a little leader born to lead us back to our Father.

He came with nothing. He left with nothing. Yet in between, He gave us everything. All of Himself.

As we take a break for this Christmas and Holiday Season, let’s reflect on the continued impact Jesus has had on each of our lives.



About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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