Thought Leaders on Thankfulness

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As is customary in the United States, we enter into this fourth week of November with a sense of gratitude for what we’ve been blessed with.

Many of us in leadership also take this time to assess our world and the people we interact with to gain a better and more thankful perspective of their responsibility to others in their sphere of influence.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving I’ve highlighted a few posts from other thought leaders on what it takes to have a thankful attitude in the leadership realm. Read through these this weekend and come away refreshed and energized to appreciate those who enrich your life.


Doug Dickerson in Management Moment talks of “The Power of a Thankful Leader

S. Chris Edmonds talks about having “A Choice of Gratitude” via The Purposeful Culture Group.

Chery Gegelman outlines “5 Reasons Thankfulness is More Than Child’s Play” at Giana Consulting

Kevin Eikenberry on his Leadership & Learning blog shows how “Five Ways Gratitude Will Change Your Life

Skip Prichard gives two posts at Leadership Insights on the subject of gratitude and thankfulness. First, he offers “28 Appreciation, Gratitude, and Thank You Quotes” to get our minds in tune. He then follows it up with “How To Live a Life of Thankfulness“.

Jen Olney of Be A Leader shows what “The Grateful Leader” looks like.

Over at Talent Culture there is a great post entitled “Being Great Means Being Grateful” by Diedre Paknad.

Dan Rockwell, The Leadership Freak, gives insight on “How to Expand Leadership With Gratitude“.

And finally, I’ll close with a post from last year, “The Thankful Leader

Being thankful simply means looking outside of yourself and seeing the world, and others, from a gracious perspective. Appreciate what your life and leadership is, not what it is not.




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  1. Thanks for the kind inclusion, Paul. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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