Extra Effort Makes The Difference

extra effort

One of my favorite pastimes during college was a bunch of my buddies playing a baseball simulation game called “Baseball Challenge”. This was a board game from the late 70’s/early 80’s that was a lot of fun and heavy on real-life game simulation.

baseball challenge

One of the mechanics in the game was at certain times a fielder could make an “Extra Effort” roll to make a failed play into a successful one. This was always fun part of the game and many a game outcome was changed because the fielder made the “extra effort”.

Whether your workplace is one for gamification or not, Extra Effort is something every leader should strive for, both within themselves and each person on their team.

Extra effort can be a game changer for a variety of reasons:

  • It can build customer loyalty instead of leaving a lukewarm experience
  • A sale or new account can be won out from a competitor’s bid
  • Employees can be converted from passives to promoters
  • Difficult goals that may not be met can be attained
  • Teams can ride out dry spells in revenue or innovation

Leadership should define what extra effort should look like. It’s more than just working 12 hours a day, and then taking work home at night (a poor work-life balance example). Whether it’s to “embody the values“, put forth resolve, or stick out the right course of action, you can instill the proper mindset of giving extra in even the smallest of actions.

Some suggestions on giving extra effort for both yourself and an example to your teams:

  • Making another sales call before wrapping up for the day
  • Spend 5 extra minutes to review your presentation
  • Taking time out to connect with a customer or employee
  • Doing a quality check on products before shipping
  • Touching base with staff in a department for 10-15 minutes
  • Having a follow-up call on a customer to ensure follow-through after the sale
  • Sending a “Thank You” card or email to every job candidate
  • Reading your emails for spelling and context before sending
  • Spending a few moments working alongside your staff

There are so many ways to give “Extra Effort”. It’s a matter of finding a need and giving up something of smaller value for something that will have a greater return. Not necessarily an immediate or tangible return, but one that will build more value to those within your organization and those your organization serves.

(football image: thesambard.blogspot.com; baseball challenge: kypris.com)


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