5 Ways To Raise UP Your Leadership Game


One of the things that has always scared me as a leader, and should quite frankly scare you as well, is complacency.

Complacency, where your edge falters and you get comfortable, can creep in very subtly. What starts as cutting edge progress slips to sustaining, then slides into status quo. It can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Lack of new goals
  • Limited vision or mission
  • Enthusiasm wanes
  • Fear (of competition, increased responsibility, other reasons)
  • Lack of personal and professional growth
  • Having a desired outcome of a set life or routine

When complacency starts to take over, a professional danger zone appears. Loss of credibility, motivation, or even influence (through job loss or disengagement) are some of the tragic consequences that this brings on.

The best way to combat complacency is to Raise UP Your Leadership Game.

How best to do that? Well, the first step is getting back the desire to be the best leader YOU can be. While the specifics vary for everybody, here are 5 ways to raise UP your game:

  • R – Rekindle your inspiration. You’ve attained a level of success or proficiency in what you do. There was most likely a passion that surrounded your leadership. Find that inspiration and get that spark ignited again. Read. Attend a conference. Watch a TED Talk. Write down your personal goals (if you haven’t any goals, that’s your starting point right there). Get near to what inspired you (family, doing the right thing, changing an industry) to being a leader and stay close to that source.
  • A – Attitude – boost it UP. Your complacency is just a matter of attitude, and a most likely pessimistic one. Optimistic leaders don’t sit and wring their hands; they jump up and charge forward. Change your attitude, change your outlook, change your direction, change people’s lives (for the better).
  • I – Implement the necessary changes. Once you’ve started this process, you now need to cut out those unnecessary actions that divert time or move you farther away from making positive strides. Stay laser-focused on where you need to be, and keep that vision clear aet all times and all costs.
  • S – Set the pace. Leaders are called as such for a reason – people follow the model they set. The saying goes “If you want your people to be hot, you must be red-hot. If you want your people to be red-hot, you must be white-hot”.  Kick your pace, your enthusiasm, your attitude, and your vision UP a notch. People will notice, and will follow suit.
  • E – Educate yourself. This brings you full circle to item #1 again. Keep growing, learning, stretching. Find new ways of innovating thought and vision. Take an MBA class. Learn everything about your industry so you know how to navigate the waters. Then share your knowledge and help others grow as well. Start a chain reaction of skilled leaders in thought and action that will send shockwaves throughout the industry.

Raising UP your leadership game might be scary at first. It involves overcoming inertia. But once you get rolling, and get inspired again, you’ll have an easier time of keeping that fire aflame and influencing others to raise up their game as well.

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My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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