Goal Seting – Don’t Let UP

dont let up

You most likely have goals that are yet unfulfilled…

Milestones that haven’t been attained as they are:

  • Not at the right time frame
  • Just out of reach and you haven’t been able to close in on them
  • So big that they still scare you and take your breath away

Whatever your goals, and however close you are to them, understand that you can only achieve them if you…

... Don’t Let UP.

Leaders who are worth their salt ensure that they reach within their beliefs – the vision they’ve been imparted – to realize the goals they’ve set for themselves.

It is usually the times just before the big breakthrough, when the obstacles seem the most insurmountable, that the leader needs to keep the fervency going and not let themselves, or their people, get discouraged or off track.

The biggest goals ever achieved were often the result of leaders who kept the vision big, the intensity strong, and the connection among their people.

They were attained by leaders who didn’t let UP.

What goals are you closing in on? Are you discouraged, fatigued, or growing weary? Are the dreams and goals big enough for you to dig down deep and keep driving in the direction of achieving them?

Lead on. Inspire others. Amaze yourself.

Don’t let UP.

(image: pinterest.com)

About Paul LaRue

My goal - To encourage you to lead & influence others with positive impact.

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